My Five Favorite Glute Exercises

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Eric Turner – Houston, TX
Photo by Matt Blum

People frequently ask what I do for glutes.  They can’t believe that a white boy can have a booty like mine.  It’s taken time and a lot of exercises to get to this point.  But these are the five I’ve found most helpful to develop a full, round booty:

Deep Squats

Your glutes are the strongest muscles in your body, but the gluteus maximus isn’t fully engaged unless your hip is lower than your knee. Doing a deep squats get you low enough to fully engage the muscle.  Start with light weight on a Smith Machine and once you feel comfortable with your form, graduate to the squat rack.

Walking Lunges

Make sure when doing lunges that you keep your front heel down and take a large enough step so that your foot stays ahead of the knee. For the first several steps, put your hands just below your glutes on your upper hamstring. You should feel those muscles tighten. Avoid holding dumbbells. They cause you to lean forward which is one of the worst things you can do to your lower back.  If adding weight, use a straight bar held on your traps like you would while doing a squat, and it will help you stay upright and keep the pressure in your glutes.

 Weighted Knee Ups

When doing a knee up, make sure that your starting position has your knee ABOVE your hip.  Doing a knee up instead of just a step up also throws in the added factor of using the muscles in your core and legs to balance.  Again, when you add weight put it on your traps so that you stay upright, instead of hunching forward.

Hip Abduction

The gluteus medius isn’t the largest muscle in the buttocks, but if you’re looking to create a ‘shelf’, it’s the most important.  Develop it, and it will also make your lower back look sexier.  Vary the angle by either leaning back or forward and feel the differences it makes.

Barbell Hip Thrusts

Once you’ve increased the size of your glutes, you’ll want to shape them.  A hip thrust will give you a ‘bubble butt.’  Sit on the ground with your upper back on a bench, with your hips under a barbell.  (I suggest using a squat pad to minimize the pressure on your pelvis.)  Keep your knees together and your feet close to your butt and thrust upward, holding the bar with your hands.  Slowly lower back to the ground.

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