How To Do A One-Arm Push-Up

The Squad July 25, 2012 0

If you’re the type of guy who’s constantly using the term ‘Beast Mode’ to describe his mental and physical state at the gym, you’re likely someone who feels that they have something to prove.  What better way to prove just how unbelievably awesome you are by doing a one-arm push-up?!  Surely, the ladies will love it and you’ll be labeled the coolest guy in the gym.  But doing a one-arm push-up incorrectly is a great way to blow your rotator cuff.  So let’s talk about the RIGHT way to do it.

First, you’ll need to start by practicing normal two-arm push-ups every 2 days.  Do two sets to failure.  Your arms and feet should be spaced just slightly wider than shoulder width when doing push-ups.  When you’re able to do a set of 25-50 normal push-ups, you can move to the next step.

Second, start in the standard push-up position and as you lower, shift the weight to primarily your dominant side.  You’ll still be pushing with both arms, but lean to the stronger side.  As you push back up, try to maintain the lean toward the dominant arm.  Train this way every two days for three weeks, shooting for three sets to failure each time.

Third, get into the standard pushup position, and increase the distance between your feet- about a foot more than normal.  Have your workout partner straddle your waist area while holding a towel around your torso for added support so you don’t blow your rotator cuff.  Support yourself on your strong arm.  Next, place your weaker arms hand on your upper leg, gripping the hamstring area.  Lower yourself as far as possible, then attempt to push back up to the starting position.  As you push, have your partner pull lightly on the towel to assist you.  Do three reps for each of six sets, practicing every day for two weeks.

Now that you can do a one-arm push-up, you’ll be able to prove just how Beast you really are…

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