Q&A: How to Burn Fat and Pre-workout Supplements

The Squad December 2, 2010 0

Q: I am trying to burn off my fat and gain muscle Mass but running and lifting does not seem to work. What would you do?

Brad – Submitted online

A: Brad I’m curious what you’re doing while you’re running and lifting.  A lot of people hit the gym and work out hard, but they don’t work out smart- so they don’t see results.  Assuming you’re doing everything right in the gym, I’d say the thing that you can most drastically change is your diet.  If you’re doing everything right in the gym, you could potentially be sabotaging yourself by not eating right.  Not knowing the specifics of what you’re doing, I can’t really give you a specific answer of what to change, but I’d start by changing those things.  If that doesn’t help, I’d hire a trainer for a couple of sessions to show you what you’re maybe doing wrong.

The Squad

Q: What are some good supplements to take for pre workout that
don’t have a lot of caffeine I.e. Noexplode ad jacked…they make me
sick….  Also my goal is to start leaning down a bit…any supplements that
help with lean muscle or fat melting?

Jake – Portland, OR

A: Jake, try JetFuel Pyro.  It’s what I take when I need to trim fat quickly for a shoot.  I wrote a post about it here: Nutrition Advice: JetFuel Pyro.  It’s great before a workout too!  Give it a try and let me know how it works out!

The Squad

We have several more questions that I’ll save for next weeks Q&A Post.  If you have a question about fitness or nutrition that you’d like answered, email it to TheHotBodSquad@gmail.com

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